Are you interested in the fascinating hoverboard attachment know as the Rovekart? We'll give you a few reasons to hop on the new and easy go-kart craze. 

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Did you just get a new hoverboard? Are you a parent and have some questions about operating a MonoRover? We compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions post-holidays. 

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How To Attach the RoveKart

12/20/16 4:37 PM

Learn how to attach the RoveKart to your hoverboard. We give a step-by-step guide to attaching and riding the RoveKart.

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Is your MonoRover R2 hoverboard going to be safe for my kid?

We get this question almost every day answering our support phone or emails. Safety is the most important concern where hoverboards are involved. Since the holidays are right around the corner and hoverboards are all over the market again, we want to take an opportunity to inform you on all the safety questions you need to ask before buying. 

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I know what you’re thinking. It was my first thought too.

I don’t do anything cool. What am I going to do with an action camera?

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