about monorover

Welcome fellow rovers! We are a group of young, passionate, and daring entrepreneurs dedicated to revolutionizing modern personal transportation. Two years ago we launched the MonoRover brand and it was truly love at first rove. Ever since its inception, MonoRover has been a growing team right here in Lenexa, Kansas, while relying on our amazing international logistics and supply chain teams overseas. It's our promise to keep your trust, safety, and adventurous spirit on the top of our mind as we develop new, trendy rides and technology just for you. More than anything, we want to get outside and rove with our friends. We hope you feel the same way, too!

We'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and roving experiences. Check out our Contact Us page to give us a shout.

Thanks for joining the team and roving with us. Rove on, friends!

"Our son loves his monorover still and we were thrilled that you all are running an honest and professional organization. wonderful customer service!!! Prompt and professional."


I was very impressed with your customer service. You kept in touch and truly tried your best to solve the problem.


about the team

Brooke Choquette
Rover Marketing Specialist

You can find me rallying the roving community through blogs, social media, emails, and other corners of the interwebs. I design in black and yellow all day long with a side of coffee for motivation. From growing up riding tractors to jumping on the R2, the transition to the roving life has been incredibly adventurous.

Jacob Stoecken
Rover Operations Chief

After a few years in the rove game I have been able to sharpen my skills on a variety of rovers. My first love will always be the R1, but I love the shared experiences you can have on the R2. I even got my grandpa to try the R2 once, how amazing is that?! Hit us up @monorover so we can see how you rove!

Molly Gibson
Customer Roving Advocate

I have worked with MonoRover for almost a year now, wow time flies! I remember the first time I tried to get on a rover I thought, “Everyone here makes this look so easy, how hard can it be?!” And so I tried to look cool and just jumped right on a board and next thing I knew my feet were in the air headed towards my head and I landed straight on my ass. I was so embarrassed I thought I’d never get on one again! But with a little practice and a lot of encouragement, I would now consider myself somewhat of an expert. Just goes to show, if I can rove...you can rove too.

Lucas Assenmacher
Fearless Roving Manager

Hitting the streets on the R3 is what I do. You can probably find me posting pics roving all over the world @monorover. Keep calm, and rove on!

Blake Tebbe
Rover Business Developer

I love roving. I love roving in the rain. I love roving in the sun. I love roving in the winter. I love roving in the summer. I love wandering around place to place without a destination--and what better a lifestyle than roving?! R3 like Mays, R2 like Hayes.

Walker Thompson
Digital Roving Host

One wheel can take you far. I’ve ridden the original R1 (figuratively) from Kansas to China. Check me out on SnapChat (add: monorover) to get a look at what life is like roving in Southeast Asia.


Term of Service

"MonoRover shall not be liable for special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including, without limitation, direct or indirect damages for personal injury, loss of goodwill, profits or revenue, loss of use this product or any associated equipment, cost of substitute equipment, downtime cost, or any other losses, or claims of any party dealing with buyers from such damages, resulting from the use of or inability to use this product or arising from breach of warranty or contract, negligence, or any other legal theory. In no event shall MonoRover be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages or liabilities (stated above) in connection with the purchase, use, or operation of the product. MonoRover is not liable for property damage, personal injury, or death during operation of an official MonoRover product.
All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period set forth above. Under no circumstances does the 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty or optional 1-Year Extended Warranty apply to products purchased from an unauthorized retailer or reseller."